Calls and Camp Duties for Infantry Field Musicians

Note: The duty music for bugle for Cavalry and Artillery will be available soon.

Also note: In April 2016 the instructors of the NCWFMS have agreed to use William Nevins' 1861 manual as the basis for duty music.

Music for the Bugle

Infantry Bugle Calls Infantry Calls
Cavalry Bugle Calls (coming soon)
Artillery Bugle Calls (coming soon)
Bugle Marches by A. J. Vass, 1861 Bugle Marches

Camp Duties for Fife and Drum (As by William Nevins, 1861)

Thank you to instructors Patrick Jones and Stephan Southard for their efforts in compiling and transcribing this music.

Also, thanks to instructors Patrick Jones and Donald Heminitz for recording the following music.

Duty Fife Drum Audio
Drummer's Call Drum
Reveille: Three Camps Fife Drum
Reveille: Slow Scotch Fife Drum
Reveille: Austrian Fife Drum
Reveille: Hessian Fife Drum
Reveille: The Dutch Fife Drum
Reveille: The Dawn of the Day Fife Drum
Reveille: Quick Scotch Fife Drum
Reveille All Together
Surgeon's Call or Doctor's Call Fife Drum
Fatigue Call Fife Drum
Breakfast Call Fife Drum
Adjutant's Call Fife Drum
Drill Call Fife Drum
Recall Drum
Dinner Call Fife Drum
The Colors Fife Drum
Supper Call (same as Breakfast Call) Fife Drum
Assembly Drum
Three Cheers or the Troop Fife Drum
Slow Retreat Fife Drum
Tattoo: Doublings of the Tattoo Fife Drum
Tattoo: Doublings of the Troop or Rose Tree Fife Drum
Tattoo: Troop March Fife Drum
Tattoo: Quick Retreat Fife Drum
Tattoo: Yankee Doodle Fife Drum
Tattoo All Together
All Officer's Call Drum
To Arms Fife Drum
The General Fife Drum
Church Call Fife Drum
Rogue's March Fife Drum
Funeral March (No 1) Fife Drum
Funeral March (No 2) Fife Drum